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Harem application

Harem Application Post!
Wanna join? Just fill out the application post below!
Real name or Internet-pseudonym:

Why you want to join :tehharem (please don’t just say “because it sounds fun.” This will help us make a better decision when looking these over)

How you found out about us (another lj community, an existing Haremer, link from site, combo, etc.):

How serious you are about being an active member:

Whether or not you are willing to accept wank or discrepancies:

Whether or not you are willing to be there for the other users to comfort them when they need it:

Whether or not you have access to AIM and AIM chat rooms:
Do cavemen and Huns mean anything to you?
If Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris got into a fight, who would win?

List any suggestions you have to improve the harem here:
(( This does not apply to already members. Comments are screened. Only the five mods can approve new memberships. ))
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