~*Katie*~ (kyatto) wrote in tehharem,


Some epic convos

Aru: ....My armpit hurts.
*few mins later*
Edo: My armpit itches...
*few mins later*
Edo: ...Now it hurts! You gave me your armpit disease!

Edo: I want a pancake...
Aru: ...Wha?
Edo: I want pancakes.
Aru: We don't have the fixings to make any
Edo: It's....flour....water....and a pan right?
Aru: There's an IHOP a few miles up the road. Get off your ass and walk!
Edo: ...But I'm not wearing pants....
Aru: Then put some on!
*a minute later*
Edo: You know what. I'd walk over there like this anyway. Just to see if I get served.
Aru: *snorfle*
Edo: What?
Aru: I thought you meant served....like breakdancing....

Yeah. We're epic when we're tired. XD
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