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omg harem. I miss you all so much. I finally have a working LJ again, so, I'm going to send this one off to Davy Jones... or, to the basement, with the other Elric boy.  >8D! 

Anyway, if any of you are still actually on LJ, friend me hurrr: <lj user="greenpilloww">.  I also have a facebook, but... I actually can't remember how to make a hyperlink without a guide anymore, so, uh... uh... 8c I'm sorry I'm so internet dumb. p.s. HAVE FUN AT AFEST THOSE OF YOU WHO CAN MAKE IT <3 <3 <3

edit: I successfully failed at an LJ user tag, too. 8D; It's a good day.
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See tuliptwirlee ? That's WINRY. Y'all better remember :|

Know what this means? WE NEED REVIVAL CHAT. IT BE CATCH UP TIME! It's been so long and we've all got so much to share.

When'd be a good time? I know it's finals for those of us/you in college and whatnot.
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With the new series and all that fun stuff, I vote for a harem revival and recruitment. We even have the new icey-butt alchemist to dub new people with.

I also call for a role call. Who's still around, guys?
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And now for something completely different!

Whoah hey guys, It's glutt yay :D. I think since there's absolutely NO activity going on in our harem shouldn't we discuss this new rumor/possible fact that *Gasp* The creaters of the fma animated series is adding to the fma legacy? have fun of thinking of the possible what if's.

All those fun little questions of, "is it really going to happen?"

"What do we think is going to happen?"

"What could only happen in our imaginations, but would still be hilarious to happen?"

"Will Vic and the others still be willing to voice act for all this? Even worse, will they have to replace Aaron because he's getting too old?"

Fun little things. Also should it be discussed in the chat room? Lets chat about it tonight in our chat at 6 p.m. tonight! If that's too soon then hell we can wait till tomorrow or another date. Still lets bring the harem around again. When we're done with our fun of FMA, we can talk about other animes that we've been getting into. *Sadly has been out of the loop. T_T* Talk about con's that we've gone to stuffs like that :D! So agreed?
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Some epic convos

Aru: ....My armpit hurts.
*few mins later*
Edo: My armpit itches...
*few mins later*
Edo: ...Now it hurts! You gave me your armpit disease!

Edo: I want a pancake...
Aru: ...Wha?
Edo: I want pancakes.
Aru: We don't have the fixings to make any
Edo: It's....flour....water....and a pan right?
Aru: There's an IHOP a few miles up the road. Get off your ass and walk!
Edo: ...But I'm not wearing pants....
Aru: Then put some on!
*a minute later*
Edo: You know what. I'd walk over there like this anyway. Just to see if I get served.
Aru: *snorfle*
Edo: What?
Aru: I thought you meant served....like breakdancing....

Yeah. We're epic when we're tired. XD