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Harem rules

1. New members must apply using the application. Although we are a welcoming group, we don’t want it to be overly populated. These applications will be approved by Mods only, and will also be discussed by all Mods. If someone is denied, this shouldn’t cause a huge drama fest.
2. ~ If you have an issue with one of the members or even with one of the Mods, TAKE IT TO AN IM. We really don't want any drama going on when our chats are supposed to be fun. Capiche?

3. ~ If you have something bothering you personally (like your Mom got arrested, you failed a test and worried about a grounding, someone died in your family, etc.) and you want to talk about it, please let us know! We're all pals in the chat and we're here for you. (However we're not one of those hippie support groups XD) Just say "I have a problem, can we talk?" and the Mods will try their hardest to make sure things calm down enough for you to have your say.

4. ~ PLEASE BE LITERATE . l337 speak is not accepted and it's just plain annoying.

5. ~ If you belong to one of the various other FMA chatgroups, outside RPs, etc. keep your inside jokes from there to yourselves. We are an entirely different group and have our own crack and such. We try our hardest to keep all of our new people up to date with things too. Basically, what I'm trying to say is "Blomp" belongs to the Rangers, "ZEPPLIN'D" belongs to Hellcon, etc. Don't meddle it in with us. ^_^

6. ~ There will be no harassment in the chat. If you don't like someone, don't be mean to them. This group is very friendly and rather tolerable of most fans. Please be considerate and if you have a problem with someone, TAKE IT TO IM.

7. ~ Yes, R-rated stuff is allowed at most times. If you do not like such things, maybe this isn't the group for you ^_^;

8. ~ In the LJ community, ALWAYS friends lock your posts unless it’s something like a recruitment post.


"Dubbing" Rules:

9. ~Being dubbed is a Harem ritual to welcome new members in the chat. Please be respectful of the dubbing names and ritual.  Once you’re dubbed, please don’t change your name (although you don’t have to necessarily be called by that name). Think of being dubbed as part of the application process. This is our time to see what you’re like with a bunch of other Haremers. If you refuse to be dubbed, then you are clearly not Harem material.

10. ~You don't have to be "IC" if you don't want to be. There may be the occasional in character spazz, but it’s not a priority to be IC 24/7 if you don’t want to.  



Fuhrer: Edo (AIM: Edo Not Ebi, FMA Edo, LJ: kyatto
Whatever Edo says goes. No exceptions. Other Mods also respect the Fuhrer's decisions. Besides, who else is crazy enough to start such nonsense? AND ASK BEFORE RIDING TEH PENISCOPTER!! :D


Aru/Al : (AIM: Aru no Jutsu, Smexy Al, LJ: comiter)
Kimblee: (AIM: DarkArrow222, Splody Kimblee, LJ: nanakosaske
Trisha: (AIM: AssbowOrochimaru, TrishaBeloved, LJ: noroki_girl)
Havoc: (AIM: KousukeBlade, Smokin Havoc, LJ: kousuke_blade
These Mods must be listened to at all times. They have the power to boot, call for silence, etc. Although Kimblee is the only one who can dub.

Current Number of Mods: 5

-All new members and members not mentioned are Privates/Soldiers. And only the Fuhrer can promote you. -


11. ~When a Mod says "Shush" or "Quiet" STOP TYPING. Even if you were in the middle of a sentence. It helps to keep the chat from flooding. And please, as fun as it is, refrain from overflooding the chat with "XDDDDDDDD" . Not saying don't do it at all, just don't do it too much. It has the possibility of crashing computers, and most AOL services consider it scrolling.

12. ~ This chat and group as a whole is basically a democracy. Yes there is a Fuhrer, and Mods, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about Members' opinions too! With any major change or new project we will always take a vote on it.


To let us know that you've read these rules, please comment with a simple salute! 8D
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