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Teh Harem, yo~ 8D

My smex brings all the people to the yard!

Teh Harem
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Welcome to the TehHarem, the smexiest most entertaining fangroups! Created back in a chatroom for an MSN Group by accident, this group has been growing strong for the past couple years. With more then 50 members and pure crack, we're hoping to beat the other crappy fangroups one day and rule the chat world. Kidding. XD We love you, Hellcon!


FMA!Harem Blogcrew

[x] Edward Elric
[x] Alphonse Elric
[x] Trisha Elric
[x] D Elric
[x] Winry Rockbell
[x] Pinako Rockbell
[x] Roy Mustang
[x] Riza Hawkeye
[x] Jean Havoc
[x] Maes Hughes
[x] Kain Fuery
[x] Zolf. J. Kimblee
[x] Gluttony
[x] Alfons Heiderich
[x] Patchy (( Roy's eyepatch ))
[x] Alter!Havoc
[x] Russell Tringham
[x] Fletcher Tringham
[x] Rose
[x] The Gate
[x] Truth
[x] Gate!baby
[x] Alter!Hughes
[x] Psiren
[x] Izumi Curtis
[x] Dorochet (( Doro ))
[x] Mei-chan
[x] RanFan
[x] Paninya
[x] Havoc's Pants
[x] Sword (( that stabs Havoc in episode 43 ))
[x] Terminator!Archer
[x] Alter!Russell
[x] Elma
[x] Greed!Ling

>> Join the Harem? <<




stuff you need to know;

Read the chat rules yet? No?

See and read them thoroughly here! (Please comment to let us know you've read them)

Real name or Internet-pseudonym:
Why you want to join tehharem (please don’t just say “because it sounds fun.” This will help us make a better decision when looking these over):
How you found out about us (another lj community, an existing Haremer, link from site, combo, etc.):
How serious you are about being an active member:
Whether or not you are willing to accept wank or discrepancies:
Whether or not you are willing to be there for the other users to comfort them when they need it:
Whether or not you have access to AIM and AIM chat rooms:
Do cavemen mean anything to you?
If Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris got into a fight, who would win?
List any suggestions you have to improve the harem here:

Interested in joining? Apply here!

Almost every night we all gather to chat! If you would like to join us in the fun chatroom, contact the mods by AIM.
Edo -- Prince Zuko Pyro; Edo Not Ebi
Aru -- Aruness
Havoc -- Smokin Havoc, KousukeBlade
Trisha -- AssbowOrochimaru
Kimblee -- Splody Kimblee, darkArrow222

Curious about the TRUE origins of teh Harem? Go here!

We also have our own special badges! Want one? Request them here!

Now we have a blogcrew!

Here at the Harem, we dub new members nicknames! The following characters are currently taken:
Edward Elric (( Edo )), Winry Rockbell, Alphonse Elric (( Aru )), Roy, Riza, Black Hayate, Lust, Sloth, Hohenhiem, Wrath, Greed, Gracia Hughes, Maes Hughes, Elysia Hughes, Shiezka, Rose, Martel, Kain Fuery, Jean Havoc, Nina Tucker, Barry the Chopper, Alex Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Tringham, Russell Tringham, Izumi Curtis, Zolf J. Kimbley, Maria Ross, Mei-chan, Psiren, RanFan, Scar, Heiderich, Pride!Ed, Alter!Ed, Lyra, Archer, The Slicer, Patchy (( Roy's eyepatch )), Falman, Taisa (( another!Roy )), Pinako Rockbell, Dorechette, Gluttony, Paninya, Shou Tucker, Xiao-Mei, Noah, Haymenz Breda, Ling Yao, Greed!Ling, Roy!Mommy((Edo's momma :D)), D. Elric (( Trisha and Hohenheim's TRUE first son who was born handicapped and got locked in the basement to save from humanity....which Ed and Al burned down....He's still there by the way... ))


banner love;

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(( All banner images by kyatto. Random banner changer by ceasefire. ))

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